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The famous pianist Joseph.S Shanghai teaching, with the German name of Qin Mel in new a drunk Stan

Source: Shanghai Opel instrumentsTime:2015-04-16Browse:904

      Spring song, April 13, 2015 in the sunny days, Shanghai Vienna Hotel lobby bursting with popularity, warm atmosphere. We have the honour of welcoming Professor famous piano master Joseph of Germany to visit the site, from home and abroad to teach the majority of piano enthusiasts most current international piano art spire.

      All seats are occupied. can accommodate 1000 people in the hall, Professor Joseph patiently taught piano performing skills and techniques, and wonderful interaction, a new teaching method with top international piano skills, so that the audience benefit, continuous applause came from the hall, the atmosphere is very warm。

      Joseph.S Joseph.S, harp & piano player, now serves as a pianist for the international class a symphony orchestra of the and the national piano and Harp tutor of the National Music School of the state of Leipzig in the year of the age of.

      Since 2005, he followed the Berlin Philharmonic, Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Leipzig Philharmonic, Leipzig MDR Gwandhaus national A-level Orchestra, Dressel Dayton National A-class Symphony Orchestra visited Europe, Asia and many other countries, hundreds of concert tour. At the same time as a pianist and harpist double post he has taught at several distinguished German national music school. He taught the students to participate in the German Youth Piano, harp competition and award-winning, many musicians have received praise and affirmation.

      The event is also the first time in 2015 the spring of Germany, the name of the piano in the name of Stan Mel spring. Stan Mel has been the piano master Joseph's piano, because of its exquisite workmanship, mellow sound by respected professor Joseph. Professor Joseph told reporters: only after 100 years of precipitation and sharpen the famous piano can play the music of the soul。

      In 1918 the world's first Stan Mel piano was born in Leipzig, germany. In the following decades, Stanmeyer piano company continues to grow, become a piano designated Austria Vienna golden hall, Bolshoi Theatre of Russia and the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, one of the world's top piano manufacturers. In 2012 a hundred years renowned German piano piano in Hongkong and Shanghai people Stanmeyer Opel instruments have reached a strategic cooperation agreement to allow domestic music lovers to have a pure blood of the stan Mel piano chance。

      In recent years, invested heavily in Stanmeyer's piano production line change, using the most advanced science and technology, to create a difficult match production

Chain. Stanmeyer always adhere to the "quality as the key link of the production concept, whether in every process, every parts, excellent tradition, observe the hundred years brand, so that every piano has become art. The production of sophisticated, sophisticated technology has become the top names of music players praise.

      The professor's activities have been Stanmeyer, Shanghai representative office's generous help, the event was very successful. During the event not only let reporters learned a lot of knowledge of the piano can also experience the hundred handed down the quality of piano. Stanmeyer has been at the top of the German quality based on excellence, highlighting the strength and credibility of international brands. Let's expect Stanmeyer to have a better and better name!