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Shen Wenyu Stanmeyer performed a concert piano left-behind children

Source: Shanghai Opel instrumentsTime:2015-12-08Browse:917

      Shen Wenyu also let left-behind children can hear the piano beautifully

  Left behind children is a serious social hot issue, in today's social environment, the situation of left behind children is difficult to change in a short time, but we can do our best to help them. Piano prince Shen Wenyu to join the world famous piano piano?? Stan Mel, in Xi'an Yangling agricultural high tech Industries Demonstration Zone, Yangling International Exhibition Mitte Hotel 3 floor studio, played a song P piano for the children, let the left-behind children hear sounds famous pianist famous piano brand play, for the children who, this is a rare musical auditory feast!

  Shen Wenyu and Lang Lang, Yundi Li was known as China piano Three Musketeers (European music reviews), years of study and experience, so it formed its own unique style of interpretation. This specially came to Yangling for the interpretation of left-behind children, Shen Wenyu is very concerned about the children, and hope to use their own music to the children happy, let the children learn to be strong。

 Stan Mel piano hand crafts casting world piano brand classic

  The concert together with another protagonist, Stanmeyer piano, was born in the last century, Leipzig, Germany, high-end piano brand. Stan Mel piano in order to commemorate the composer Richard Richard Wagner 105 years of birth and the system, since the birth of Stan's piano in, has been the first class quality to deter the European market. From the beginning of the last century in 70s, Stan Mel piano has landed in Japan, Hongkong, China, in 2012, the piano is landed on the mainland of China, by the Shanghai Opel instruments company solely responsible for the Asian market business。

  Stan Mel piano has been in the pursuit of product quality, has 3 2 year comprehensive upgrade production line system; Stan Mel piano is making one of the piano brand in the traditional manual process, so that the piano more technology and art. German rigorous product is to be reflected in the most incisive Stan Mel on the piano, each decoration, each scale, the piano top classic materials and exquisite beyond compare; manual process, casting the superior quality Stan Mel piano.

  Shen Wenyu and Stanmeyer theauditoryfeast cooperate create classic

 Due to the limited space, the concert only attracted more than 1 thousand people attended the concert. The audience has strong repercussions on the piano solo concert, after a piano playing is completed, Taiwan will always think of applause and screams, but in the process of playing, the audience will be very quiet, a lot of people close your eyes, listen to this wonderful piano music. Piano prince Shen Wenyu's excellent piano playing ability, as well as the sound of the piano produced by Stan Mel, made the piano solo concert a complete enjoyment of beauty.

  With the in-depth understanding of the piano, and improve the quality of life, Stanmeyer piano will be more integrated into the lives of ordinary people, so that ordinary people can also personally play international famous piano, and listen to high quality and beautiful piano.