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2016 Shanghai International Musical Instruments Exhibition Stanley Steel to achieve success!

Source: Shanghai Opel instrumentsTime:2016-10-29Browse:1190

2016.10.26-10.29, 2016 China (Shanghai) international musical instruments exhibition ended, this is Asia's largest musical instrument exhibition, the annual Shanghai international musical instruments exhibition, can gather the most influential in the international instruments, a number of exhibitors. This year's exhibition scale hit a record high, covers an area of 112000 square meters, across the hall 10, attracted a total of nearly 1900 Chinese and foreign enterprises in more than and 30 countries and regions participating, many well-known brands such as Stanmeyer, Steinway musical instruments, such as YAMAHA, Bolansile International Piano brand are in it, it is a grand occasion.

(Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition in front of the E2-D86 booth, a few of the guests to visit Stan Mel piano group photo)

Stan Mel piano settled E2-D86 booth and exhibited the classic piano and upright piano (classic SK series and TS series, the count) for this event, Stanmeyer invited foreign well-known pianist piano paid for live performances, and a number of piano teacher interested visitors on-site instruction, the unusually strong. Whenever the sweet sound of the piano sounded, the hustle and bustle of the exhibition site, in front of the E2-D86 booth will become calm down, after the sound of a piano song is played, the scene will be issued a warm applause. People of the Mel piano, and the audience's good interaction, so many people impressed.

(Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition in front of the E2-D86 booth, a few guests to visit Stan Mel piano consultation)

(Shanghai International Musical Instruments Exhibition E2-D86 booth, the British businessmen posed for pictures)

In addition to allowing the audience to feel the superior quality of Stan Mel piano, listening to the sound of the sound of the piano Stan Mel, the exhibition also brought to the unexpected harvest of the reason for the sake of the president of the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United states. That is, there are a number of international and domestic businesses and Stan Mel piano signed sales orders, including a number of domestic manufacturers China, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Egypt, Britain, Russia and other countries with Stan Mel piano Chinese total distribution -- European Shanghai Baole limited company, signed the order agreement. A large number of orders, is a powerful witness to the superior quality of Mel piano. Stan Mel piano will continue in the process of raw materials, performance, quality, excellence, in order to secure the stan Mel piano instruments of domestic leader status and continue to work hard.

Mr. PETER, a Canadian businessman, signed the stan Mel piano order agreement at the Shanghai headquarters of Opel

(British merchants in the E2-D86 booth pictures, and with the Shanghai Opel instrument limited company signed the order agreement)

The music industry increasingly fierce competition, the Internet online and offline channels, channels, product development and quality control, brand building is equally important, Stanmeyer will be in the particular product development and quality link, continue to work hard, high standards and strict requirements, let people love the piano, can feel the charm whenever and wherever possible where. In addition, Stanmeyer piano will continue to participate in a variety of public performances, community performances, free performances in the teaching activities, close to the public, for the majority of people dedicated wonderful.