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Company Profile

The world's first Steinmeyer piano was made in 1918 in Leipzig, germany. The first Steinmeyer piano is not for commercial channels, but Siegfried Wagner Siegfried Wagner to commemorate the 105 anniversary of his father, the famous German composer, German opera history important character Richard Wagner Wilhelm Richard Wagner's production.
1976, Steinmeyer piano landed in Hongkong, set up offices in Hongkong. Steinmeyer piano with the Hongkong geographical location advantage, transport a large number of high quality products to the piano China in mainland China, Southeast Asia and other regions, to further enhance the brand visibility and influence in the Asia Pacific region. In 2012, Steinmeyer Hongkong and Shanghai piano instrument Opel reached a strategic cooperation agreement by both parties responsible for Steinmeyer and the Asia Pacific region Chinese piano production and sales of everything, from now on, Steinmeyer piano is the true sense of the land in China.

Piano King

Company culture

    As a famous German pianist Richard Wagner's friends, the European royal family picked piano piano master of Europe's top producer, V Meyer, has a profound cultural foundation and making piano piano. V Meyer wants to do is the best piano in the world, King of The King, the king of the piano.
Although the European royal recognition, often dealing with the nobility, but V, Mr Meyer's heart has never been full of money and interest, on the contrary, he is kind-hearted, whenever he saw a lower middle class family children looked at the beautiful and magical piano, he was shocked. V Meyer was born in a wealthy family, he deeply understood a money to buy the piano piano and love the child's heart, but also because of this, V and Mr. Meyer at reduced corporate and personal interests, only to let each love piano children have the opportunity to have it.
Piano Master Richard Wagner's success stems from his love for the piano for many years; create music throughout the world, he made the size of the dream, it is because of the driver, made his position in the history of the European piano. In fact, the driving force of everyone's life, is supposed to be composed of dream and love, Steinmeyer also believe that this piano, the piano and trying to spread the positive energy of life, let people dream and love.

Experience nobility


Experienced hand: Steinmeyer piano to do is the king of the piano king, its employees have decades of experience in piano production, to create a perfect hand to Zhen products, so that luxury in the body of each place.

High-end technology: Steinmeyer piano designers in Mr. V · Meyer and Mr. Eck Bill Meyer has been led, always uphold the spirit of excellence, always rigorous, responsible attitude to ensure that each of the piano comfort, Easy to use and sound quality are superior.

Grace material: Steinmeyer piano, commitment to each part of the material are designated to use the top manufacturers for many years the same, every part of the piano, they can use the most suitable materials to extend the brand myth and glory.

After the sale: Steinmeyer piano, with parents to treat children due diligence, so that each marked "Steinmeyer" logo piano, all enjoy the industry's leading after-sales service。