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The professor's activities have been Stanmeyer, Shanghai representative office's generous help, the event was very successful. During the event not only let reporters learned a lot of knowledge of the piano can also experience the hundred handed down the quality of piano. Stanmeyer has been at the top of the German quality based on excellence, highlighting the strength and credibility of international brands. Let's expect Stanmeyer to have a better and better name!

German Stan Mel piano belongs to the import of high-grade art products and value-added products, if properly maintained, a good piano little use for decades, many heritage generations, so the customer service service is especially important for piano. Noble experience is our constant commitment. STEINMEYER piano, with their parents to treat their children's duty, so that each marked with SIEINMEYER logo piano enjoy industry-leading service.

We promise:

Our service concept is "Stanmeyer piano experience has always been accompanied by a" real after-sales service is not only to maintain the piano's tone and feel, but also in the maintenance of each user's feelings. Stan Mel piano always accompany every piano fans Stan Mel.

Our service principle is "customer first", every customer calls, as long as you say hello, Stan Mel piano professional maintenance personnel to come to your side.

Our service standards are sincere, professional, dedicated, high-quality. Customer satisfaction is our persistent pursuit.

The service is endless, and Stanmeyer will always be with us!